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This notebook defines a function that covers an AOI with a minimal collection of the most recent Catalog Images. It returns the relevant Catalog ID's in a data structure that includes the polygon mask that defines the data contribution of that Catalog ID to the AOI coverage.
Top 10 OSM item types over Lancaster-Lebanon, PA
No description has been provided.
USGS data used to map United States earthquakes for 1 day.
Quantifying Ship Traffic in the Port of Sevastopol
This notebook uses a convolutional neural network to detect Russian naval vessels of interest to NGA. The mode excludes commercial vessels like container barges. The model classifies ships by category and calculates weekly oscillation in vessels by type for piers in Sevastopol.
VectorService aggregations
No description has been provided.
Mosaic offset
Just a reference notebook to a mosaic offset issue we've seen.
monitoring_khmeimim_air_base VectorServices fix
No description has been provided.
PSMA Building Heights Demo
This notebook visualized building heights in Point Piper, NSW and allows you to interactively fly between buildings, ranked by height. It is an initial demonstration of using and visualizing VectorServices-based data in the RADD environment via the Jupyter notebook.
Monitoring Khmeimim Air Base - Modified for Point Piper
This notebook does an example time series analysis based on a water index. It might be used to look for suspected areas of coastline change. The source data is some of the images used to produce the PSMA mosaic and data products.
Monitoring Khmeimim Air Base
Detecting changes at the Kmeimim Air base in Syria, currently leased by Russia using DigitalGlobe Imagery